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Your dentist in Kleve-Materborn, Alexanderstraße 1

Our dental practice in Alexanderstraße in the heart of Materborn offers you the entire spectrum of modern dentistry - and the plus of an extra portion of friendliness, attention and empathy.

With us, everyone gets the care they need. Because we want you to feel comfortable with us. And that works best when you take time for each other and can build trust.

No matter whether you "only" come to a check-up appointment or we can help you with a problem, no matter whether you are legally or privately insured, you are important to us!

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Dental emergency service

01805 / 98 67 00

Answering machine for dentists on duty.


Implants are artificial titanium tooth roots that replace lost teeth. After thorough planning of the future dental prosthesis, we exclusively implant using templates.

dental prostheses

We offer you the entire spectrum of dental prostheses, from single crowns to complete fixed implant-supported restorations.

ceramic inlays

We manufacture all-ceramic inlays with the Cerec system. They have a very long durability and represent a very stable restoration with the highest aesthetic demands. 


Prophylaxis means preventive measures to avoid diseases. Professional tooth cleaning to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis is part of this prophylaxis.


Our range of modern orthodontics includes classic functional orthodontics with removable appliances, the treatment of plastic splints and fixed appliances.

functional therapy

Functional disorders of the masticatory organ are, for example, teeth grinding or pressing, jaw joint noises such as cracking or rubbing and a wrong bite position.

gum treatment

Parodontosis is similar to tooth decay a widespread disease. As a chronic inflammation of the periodontium caused by periodontal bacteria, it permanently leads to tooth loss due to tooth loosening.

laser treatment

The diode laser used in our practice can be used successfully in various areas. For you as a patient, the use of the diode laser is an enormous relief.

anaesthesia treatment

Are you afraid to go to the dentist or do you suffer from dental phobia? We will help you and offer treatment under general anesthesia in our practice in cooperation with an anesthesiologist.