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Since March 15, 2020: New employee

Since March 15th our team has been strengthened by Mrs. Agata Deider-Schmidt as dental assistant. The special field of our nice new colleague is the chair assistance.

Since May 1, 2019: New employee

Since May 1st our team strengthens a dental technician. Our nice new colleague is specialized in fixed and removable dentures and repairs and is looking forward to your visit.

March 1, 2019: Professional dental cleaning subsidized by many health insurance companies.

Spring and summer - who doesn't want to look beautiful? Bright white teeth give you better chances - when looking for a partner and during job interviews. Professional tooth cleaning (PZR) can remove plaque and polish surfaces smooth. This gives a pleasantly smooth and "clean" feeling and a PZR prevents gingivitis. In the meantime, dental cleaning is even subsidized by many health insurance companies.