Beautiful white teeth

teeth whitening

In order to get perfect white teeth, we gently whiten your teeth with the most modern methods. After teeth cleaning, a gel is applied to the teeth, which causes a clear whitening of the teeth within a few hours. 


Bleaching is often considered before larger restorations if you want a brighter tooth colour. Even individual dark discoloured teeth after root canal treatments can be whitened by internal bleaching. The bleaching gel comes directly into the tooth and leads from the inside out to the whitening. 


Smile makeover

Ceramic veneering shells

Permanent aesthetic teeth whitening and shape corrections are done with all-ceramic veneers. It is often not necessary to grind the teeth in any way. Veneers are glued to the outer surface of the teeth 

with an extremely strong cement and give them a beautiful, perfect smile. You can bite with them as normal.