Well looked after all around

Dentist Christian Eis

Specialized in implantology and prosthetics as well as orthodontics.

Education and training

1989 - 1996 Studied dentistry at the Münster University of Economics and Business Administration (WWU)

1996 - 1998 Assistant dentist in Münster

since 1998 Established in Kleve


Curriculum Implantology DGZI

Curriculum Esthetic Dentistry DGÄZ

Curriculum Orthodontics Dr. Selbach Laboratory

Marion Minervini Miner

Dental assistant (ZMF) 

Specialties: Prophylaxis and Periodontal Treatment, Bleaching

Shirley Ugwuegbulam

Specialist dental assistance

Specialties: Chair assistance and administration

Jennifer Kalina

Dental specialist assistance

Specialties: Chair assistance

Farzaneh Tajik

Trainees FA

Dental assistance

Specialties: reception, practice management

Agata Deider-Schmidt

Specialist dental assistance

Specialties: Chair assistance

Tanja Fritsche

dental technician

Specialties: Plastic prosthetics 

Jessica Kolkmann

Specialist for dental practice management, accounting, QM