Christian Eis

Dentist as a vocation with passion.

I'll make myself strong for your teeth!

There are several reasons to visit a dentist...

... often it is a routine examination

... sometimes it's toothache

... perhaps you want a perfect and beautiful smile

... or you need dental prosthesis

... You have jaw joint pain, or the bite is no longer right...


Our practice has been located in the Materborn district of the town of Kleve in a convenient location since 1998. We offer you a gentle and contemporary treatment according to your wishes and needs through continuous further education in the fields of aesthetics and function, implantology and complex dental prosthesis treatments. Our charming and well-trained team contributes to the success of the treatment and a pleasant atmosphere. Our goal is to heal and help you and to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.


No matter with which wishes you visit us, we will work out the right therapy with you and meet your wishes. We take our time, listen to you, examine you very thoroughly, explain different possibilities and treat you according to the most modern methods of dentistry. We attach great importance to a cautious and painless procedure, take your fears into consideration and make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible.

 Your dentist Christian Eis and team