Recognize and treat disorders of the chewing organ.

Splint therapy for false bite.

Functional disorders of the masticatory organ are, for example, teeth grinding or pressing, jaw joint noises such as cracking or rubbing and a wrong bite position.


The treatment requires a precise diagnosis with the help of denture models and an analysis of the bite position, as well as a manual examination. In most cases the therapy is carried out with individually manufactured fixed or removable occlusal splints. 

Functional diseases of the chewing organ are often accompanied by complaints of the cervical spine and the back. Jaw joint complaints and a false bite can therefore be related to complaints of the rest of the skeleton. For this reason, it is often necessary to work together with a physiotherapist who carries out the appropriate treatments, such as mobilization of the muscle groups involved, etc. The physiotherapist is able to help with the treatment of the problem.

Within the framework of functional therapy, we follow a precise routine that is oriented to the recommendations of the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine.