Painless, gentle treatment with ultrasound & helpful measures.

Paradontitis, like caries, is a widespread disease.

As a chronic inflammation of the periodontium caused by periodontal bacteria, it permanently leads to tooth loss due to tooth loosening.

However, according to the latest findings, there are also connections with general diseases. Periodontosis increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and miscarriages. Therefore, a systematic treatment of periodontosis is necessary in any case.

We begin the periodontal treatment with a pre-treatment that is intended to improve the patient's oral hygiene and to eliminate the superficial gingivitis as far as possible.


The actual periodontal treatment consists of a thorough cleaning of the gum pockets and thus the removal of the plaque under the gums that causes periodontosis. In certain cases it is advisable to detect the pathogen, which enables us to specifically use antibiotics against periodontal bacteria.

We can determine a genetically determined increased risk for periodontosis, which is important for assessing the prognosis for further treatment measures such as implants or dental prostheses. If desired, we can also use lasers for periodontal treatment.